6 Bad Habits You Must Not Blame On Technology

The battle between virtual social podiums and physical society is never ending. It is very common to hear from your buddy that let’s catch on Facebook or WhatsApp in lieu of the old saga let’s catch for the drink. Do you realize when did you last go for the pleasure trip and how often you spend your days on Netflix? Technology has pretty messed up our conventional lifestyle where kids used to play football on the real field and not through some game app. So, is technology the new best friend for us? You accept it or not, we, as a human race, are becoming the technology-slave gradually.


It may not be an exaggeration when I say; “Technology commands our life now instead of helping.” Take smartphone, TV, computer, tablet or any other gadget, we completely rely on these machines to perform our numerous daily task. The irony is, we even blame technology for our every blooper without realizing who the real culprit is. If you are on the same bandwagon, these excuses are fairly yours, as well.


Wishing your spouse or kids for everything through social media, even you live in the home:


Isn’t it a trend to see every day 2-3 messages of such type in the world of social media. Come on, you people live with each other. Go and tell your loved ones your wishes physically. What is it with shouting the whole world with tons of emotions that looks fake, and obviously hilarious most of the time? The funny part is when a parent wishes their 1 or 2 year old kid “Happy Birthday” with bucket of emotional words and tell the entire world how much they love their kid. Can’t you be more realistic? Which parents on the earth do not love their kid or are you the only one blessed?


Hey, I am running late, meet you in an hour.


Irritating, isn’t it? A simple SMS to tell you are late just five minutes before the actual meeting. What if, I am already at the venue waiting for you and have the other engagements after an hour? Isn’t technology making us self-centric where we think only about us? The punctuality, disciplined life, all words are now in the air only as we have the facility to send a sorry message with some emoticons and the guilt is solved.


Phonetic spelling has murdered the essence of language.


Lolz, I am rofl now. It is sooooo hilarious. OMG, u know my dd, she is prettyyy. Come 2 meet 2morrow. Get the vibes. You know these words very well, so should I say R.I.P. English. In the name of comfort, degrading a language just because you found it is funny and easy cannot be an excuse. A language in itself shows the rich culture and history. How much time does it take to type a word as it is and not twist it to the funny way? The problem starts when people become so addicted to these acronyms that they start using such words in formal communication unintentionally.


Status update while driving, boozing, dancing and even sexing:


What! Is the word “Private’ has lost its importance? You know all your close and distant family members, your colleagues and acquaintances are on your friend list and you are updating your minute-to-minute detail on social media. Have you ever thought, how dangerous it is or what could be the outcomes of these updates on your personal and professional life? Imagine someone is stalking you physically and getting your every detail through social media, and may even be planning accordingly to harm you. Your safety is your first concern; do not play with it just to get some likes or comments on your profile or to get the cool tag from your online friends that you may have never met in the real life.


Driving and texting simultaneously:


Almost every day you get to hear the news about some major or minor accident nearby because of using a mobile phone while driving. If a funny message is much worthier than your own life; you need a reality check. A message can wait a minute or you can just park your car roadside for texting if it cannot wait, but driving and texting is like calling Hades to capture your soul for the underworld.


So, it’s all over now and I cannot see your face


Oh, My God, the chivalry is definitely dead now. Are you actually serious in a relationship when you can easily break up on the phone? The technology helps you save from immediate fallout, but at what cost. The advancement of technology helps us do our work better, save our time so that we may indulge in different activities, but misusing technology because you cannot afford face-out with someone who claimed to be in love with you at the time of break-up is seriously beyond the height of stupidity.
Check, what your hyped technology nuisance is and how can you save yourself from peeves of the web. Is it seriously tough to abide yourself becoming the obvious slave or do you know how to mend your ways above the technology?

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