An iPhone 6S Mini May Be On the Way

For those of us who are balking at the trend of phones getting bigger and bigger, there’s a little hope on the horizon. “Little” being the operative word!


Some leaked news leads us to conclude that a smaller 4-inch sized version of the iPhone 6S is in development. There’s no word yet as to when it might be released, and what other features user can expect from the possible mini-sized iPhone 6S, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it comes to fruition.


Despite Recent Trend of Larger-Screened Phones, Apple May Offer a Smaller Alternative


While many Apple fans loved the larger design that followed the trend of bigger-screened phones such as the Samsung Galaxys (a solid competitor to the iPhone) or the LG G Vista, not everyone was thrilled with the idea of a “mobile” phone that barely fits in your pocket. This is a particularly annoying trend for women, whose pants pockets are about half the size as men’s (for no apparent reason other than the fashion industry wants us to have to carry purses).


But the possibility of a smaller, sleeker version of the iPhone 6S is becoming more plausible after a leaked video promises that a demo-version of the product is real. You can view a video of the alleged iPhone 6S Mini from M.I.C. Gadget here.


Rumors of Possible iPhone 6S Mini Details Have Been Leaked, But Unconfirmed


The exact specs behind the smaller iPhone haven’t yet been released. But there are theories. According to Rumors, “The 4-inch iPhone 2016 model will include support LTE, as well as electronic payment system Apple Pay through integration module NFC. New iPhone will be have full metal body. iPhone will be available to choose only one color option.


The official 4-inch iPhone 2016 release date – March. Earlier, on the web a new 4-inch model called as the iPhone 6se, iPhone 5e, iPhone 7c. Please note that none of the rumors has no official confirmation.


The device will run on a processor A8, the amount of RAM is equal to 1.2 GB capacity of the battery will be 1624 mAh. Built-in memory will vary: only 8 GB. Price ??? We think real price started at $549 in USA.”’


The model of iPhone as seen in the leaked video is supposedly a Foxconn demo unit, so it may not be the final design. That also means that it won’t be recently particularly soon, but possibly before the end of 2016. Vague, but it’s all anyone knows at the moment.


From its estimated appearance in the video (it’s a little hard to tell for sure) it looks to have approximately a 4-inch display, and all the basic looks and buttons of the latest iPhone 6S. Just… well, smaller. Tech lovers say that it’s unlikely that the smaller iPhone model could support the recently-introduced 3D Touch, but that feature was only given a semi-excited reception by Apple fans, as the feature really isn’t terribly necessary to the function of the phone.


The idea behind a smaller iPhone 6S is a shift in Apple that’s geared towards every consumer being able to find an iPhone that suits their own needs, rather than touting one new model at a time. A smaller iPhone would open up a more customized experience for Apple fans everywhere.


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