Steam Virtual Reality

In March 2015, the long awaited announcement of Steam Virtual Reality caused the new game console and equipment to become the top technological game equipment on the market and consumers are still beating down retailer’s doors to get their very own. HTC is the company that collaborated to create the Steam VR with use of a headset known as HTC Vive. Valve, the company that made Steam VR took years to construct this equipment with hours of research and now it is finally in demo phase. Many consumers think it works perfectly, solving the issues that players used to have such as motion sickness and tracking every position. Let’s look at this new Steam Virtual Reality headset equipment that Valve has provided as consumer’s best solution.

The Date of Release

Of course, the announcement date was in March 2015 and consumers were promised that the headset would be made available as soon as the end of 2015. The company also promised that game developers would be able to get the devkits in the spring. However, it seems as if Valve went out on a limb because up to now, there is little news about this and no one knows whether developers already have the devkits in their hands or not. No one knows either if devkits will be released before the end of the spring since we are already in the season.

The Reality System

You may be wondering what this reality system is. Glad you are interested. It comes with headset, which was built in partnership with HTC. The device is similar to the Oculus Rift, which is a device containing double screens at a resolution of 1080×1200. The device streams data in such a way as to give the user more instances to refresh the screen to get the real 3D experience. The user positions the lenses between the eyes and has a rounded view ahead. While using the device, the focus should be on the LCD. A hardwire connects the headset to a personal computer or laptop where the game is run as well as other software related to virtual reality.

The Components

The Steam Virtual Reality is made up with more than just the headset. There are also two base stations that is laser driven and this is known as the Lighthouse. The user would put the base stations securely in a corner. The laser is then used to connect with the fixed sensors in close proximity to the HTC Vive headset. There is a tracking system that is very precise as well as extra fast. This can be used in mapping the room’s boundaries, giving the user the real virtual reality experience. If the user stands in close proximity to the wall, the user will see the wall in front so as not to walk right into it. Another component of the Steam VR is the controllers. The system comes with two game controllers shaped like wands. These are similar to the remotes that come with the Nintendo Wii, which has mounted sensor arrays on top to get a similar positional tracking experience as is seen through the headset.

The Bottom Line

While a price has not been announced for the new Steam Virtual Reality, many consumers can’t wait to put their hands on it. If you want to purchase one and don’t have the readily available finance to do so, you could consider obtaining one of the online title loans or a peer to peer loan, especially if you have clear title to your vehicle. It is best to get ready for the Steam VR before it comes out and runs out of stock.


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