Wearable Technology Going Mainstream

At this point wearable technology is going off of the drawing board and heading into the mainstream. The novelty of wearing technology and using it everyday is becoming commonplace just like when smartphones were being introduced to the market. In 2016 and the years following it they will be as essential and integral to everyday life as smartphones are.

The Apple Watch and Google Glass – even though it wasn’t a success, brought the concept to people and has set off a tidal wave of adoption. The future of wearable technology stars with activity monitors, new smartwatches and smartglasses. The marketplace is being flooded with a large amount of this new technology.

2016 is ramping up to be a transitional year for the technology as new tech is entering the market. Fitness trackers are becoming more commonplace and other companies that weren’t originally involved began to talk about strategies to start developing new wearable technology.

Wearable Trends

Single function devices are becoming all the rage and taking over devices that have multiple functions. So that means things like fitness trackers are beginning to outpace Apple Watches, which still have a place in the market and will grow but not as prevalent as something like a fitness watch.

Analysts in the industry expect that smart glasses will have around a $6 billion share in the market during 2016. This is due to devices like the Microsoft Hololens being more mainstream as they introduce more developer versions while working for the coveted consumer version. This will also be the year that virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift get consumer releases and begin spreading around.

Uses for the Technology

AR glasses or augmented reality glasses are going to beneficial in a lot of industries from design to gaming. Google Glass was a great starting point that got people thinking about these technologies and how they would affect everyday life. Even though it was commercially a failure it helped set up the groundwork for other companies to get the courage to enter the market.

These glasses can also be used for biometrics, and sensors to go along with other devices of the Internet of Things. The most important device to look out for though is still smart watches like the Fitbit and Apple Watch. These devices can be seen throughout gyms everywhere and their uses will increase as more software developers get their hands on them.

Right now they are resigned to simple tracking of steps and other health statuses like heart rate, etc. The Apple watch is a great accessory to the iPhone as it can help give hands free experience for iPhone users. They are able to use apps on it and have the convenience of keeping the phone in their pockets. Also it can receive and send messages and calls. The simplicity of it is indicative of Apple’s signature style with a sleek touch screen and a few different models to choose from. The uses for this watch will only grow with time and help usher in the wearable tech age.


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